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A Hope & A Prayer by Julie Lessman


A Hope And A Prayer by Julie Lessman is a powerful Christian historical novel with lessons for us all.

The action is set towards the end of World War II in Europe and then moves to post war America as we follow lives adjusting to peacetime.

Julie Lessman doesn’t write cosy Christian novels. She writes gritty realistic stories showing struggles and temptations that will resonate with modern audiences.

We witness a character battling alcohol and women addictions. His upbringing has led him to this point. He has tried everything but God. “Get on your knees and pray for Him [God] to get a hold of you now.” When we are down to nothing, God is up to something. Some of His best work is done with broken vessels, if we would just realise our need for Him.

There is a beautiful, kind soul who shines the light of God’s love wherever she goes. She is compassionate, praying where she sees needs. She realises “aside from our love, our prayers are the most important gift we can give.”

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A Wing And A Prayer by Julie Lessman

A Snapshot Of War

A Wing And A Prayer by Julie Lessman is a powerful Christian historical novel that explores love and trust in God in times of war. It is the first book in the Cousins O’Connor series and what an epic that promises to be.

The novel takes the reader from 1943 to the end of the war with locations in America, Britain and mainland Europe. We follow a plucky young woman who wants to do her bit for the war whilst realising her dream to fly.

Our upbringing affects the way we conduct our lives. Gabe, the plucky young heroine was abandoned on the streets as a child before being adopted. This reminds the reader that no matter what our start in life, God longs to adopt us into His family.

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A Gift Like No Other by Julie Lessman

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

A Gift Like No Other by Julie Lessman is a Christian historical novel that focuses on a marriage. It is set in 1930’s America where the roles of husband and wife were different to today.

Gradually women were breaking free from the role of stay-at-home mum but there were still men who held the belief that a married woman, and especially one with children should stay at home. “It’s the thirties… where married women have no business in the workplace.” The domineering spirit of a husband means resentment builds within a marriage.

The novel explores a marriage where cracks are appearing. A marriage should be a three way partnership… husband, wife and God. Prayer is the glue that cements a marriage. Marriage as God intended means we should love our spouses as Christ loved the church.

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