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The Greatest Gift by Julia Wilson

My Thoughts

What does Christmas mean to you? Parties and presents? Sleigh bells and Santa? Festivities and food? Children waiting excitedly. Mum and Dad frantically preparing, preparing for the day when everything must be perfect. So much to do. So much pressure. No time to pause.

Let me take you back – back to that first Christmas. An uncomplicated affair. A young man and his heavily pregnant wife searching for a bed. No room at the inn. A bed amongst the animals. The Baby born in a lowly stable. No fuss. Amid the smell and noise of the animals, the King was ushered into the world.

This Baby – born with His eyes on Calvary. For you. For me.

Do you see Him?

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Uncle John by Julia Wilson

A Legacy Of Love

Ninety years ago today my beloved Uncle John was born. He was the firstborn, followed by my Dad three years later. My Dad always talks with pride about his older brother. A bond formed in childhood, strengthened following the death of their father in 1942, leaving a close knit household of three with my Nanny at the head.

Uncle John had a love of learning and studied to become a teacher, and then became a head teacher of Jessons Primary in Dudley. He had a passion for imparting knowledge into children, and when given the choice to retire in the term before or after his 65th birthday, he chose after.

My Uncle John was married to the love of his life, my Auntie Jean. He was devastated when she lost her battle with cancer in 1987.

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