You Left Too Soon by Julia Wilson

A Poem To Celebrate My Nanny’s Birthday

Another year rolls by,

I still miss you.

You left too soon.

My earliest memories contain you.

Your smiling face

Your gentle voice

Your loving heart.

You taught me to love…

Books, knitting, Jesus and you.



Memories of happy days picking raspberries and making jam.

Going to church bazaars and whist drive,

Sucking polos and making dolls from rags,

Listening to Tales Of Binkle And Flip Bunny.

My childhood is full of you

And your love

But you left too soon.


Barely a teenager

And you were gone.

To rest forever in Our Father’s arms.

Oh how I missed you.

I missed you then

And I miss you now.

You left far too soon.


One day we shall meet again

When I too, rest in Our Father’s arms.

Until then I remember you

With love

And with sorrow.

Good night Nanny,

God bless

See you in the morning.



2 thoughts on “You Left Too Soon by Julia Wilson

  1. Beautiful, simply beautiful. I can so relate. It made me stop and think of my beloved Nan, who taught me so much about Jesus in her own quiet and unassuming way. Thank you Julia x

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