About Christian Bookaholic

Christian Bookaholic is a site mainly for reviews of books however if I see a great film, or listen to a fabulous CD, I will share that too. I may also share my thoughts here too.

The books reviewed will predominantly be Christian novels but I also read mass market paperbacks and the occasional non-fiction book. As a cat lover, I do sometimes dip into novels about cats.

I undertake blog tours for Litfuse ( in America, and will post links to their site for the books reviewed via them.

I do receive, from time to time, books from authors, publishing houses and Litfuse to read and review. Otherwise I have bought the books. All the opinions expressed will be my own; I will never intentionally give spoilers to the books.

I know that there are loads of great books out there and I think we all owe it to the authors to recommend books we love. Also, if I love a book, I want to share and pass it on.

I hope you enjoy this site. I am indebted to my son Michael Wilson for setting it up for me. I love reading, but am not good with technology. A really big thank you to Michael.

Finally I would like to share Michael’s websites…he runs This Is Horror ( and Paleo Minds (…so if you like either of those topics, please drop by and have a look.