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In The Midst Of The Flames by J P Robinson

All For One

In The Midst Of The Flames by J P Robinson continues the Northshire Heritage series set during World War I. This is the second book in the series and is set in 1917. You need to read book one first.

Once again similar themes continue. We witness the effects of the battlefields on characters. “Somewhere in the trenches of France, the God he once loved had faded into a dormant memory, replaced by the mounds of dead.” The war has affected a faith, shaking it to the core when surrounded by so much death. “Why are you silent God?” In spite of a wavering faith, a character still cries out to God.

In contrast there is a German farmer who is a Christian and sees beyond a uniform. “We are neither German nor English. We are only human beings, made in the image of God.”

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