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How To Draw A Giraffe by Alice G May

For Children & Adults Alike

How To Draw A Giraffe by Alice G May is a marvellous book for children ad adults alike. If you like drawing, this is for you. If you like giraffes, you will love this book.

This book has a step by step guide showing how to draw a giraffe, starting with just two small dots. Alice G May talks the reader through the stages, showing what to do and giving a close-up. By the end of the book, you will have drawn your own giraffe which you can personalize.

Throughout the book, there are unique pictures of giraffes, each with a fun fact.

The end of the book contains a wordsearch and some hide and seek. We also learn the importance of protecting the world in which we live.

Alice G May encourages us all to draw and colour. It is very therapeutic. It does not matter what your skill level is, the important thing is to relax and to have fun.

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