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Gone Too Soon by Melody Carlson

Shake Them, Break Them, Make Them

Gone Too Soon by Melody Carlson – wow what an emotional roller coaster read this contemporary YA Christian novel is. If you are looking for a comfortable feel-good read this is not it. However if you are looking for a gritty novel dealing with relevant issues and with the restorative power of God, then look no further.

Melody Carlson pulls no punches. This book is a difficult and at times uncomfortable read with its themes of loss, addiction, suicidal thoughts, guilt and fractured families. “I feel a huge load of guilt burying me.” The good news is that God sees the hurt and the pain and He walks alongside us to bring healing.

We do not always see or feel God. “I think my prayers are getting ignored, because it just seems to be getting worse.” We were never promised an easy life but we can know that God is not ignoring us, no matter what the circumstances might say. God sees. God hears. God is working tirelessly for us.

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