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Behind Closed Doors by Catherine Alliott


Behind Closed Doors by Catherine Alliott is a marvellous psychological suspense that will have you glued from the start.

Catherine Alliott has created a perfect cast of eclectic characters. The leading lady really brought out the mothering instincts in me – she was kind and caring, recovering from years of domestic abuse.

Catherine Alliott has sensitively portrayed a damaged marriage with the husband and father wielding the psychological power. The fall-out of the abuse has far reaching victims. The reader witnesses how years of abuse have effects that blur the truth and the lies, so deep is the trauma.

We witness a dreadfully tormented soul who is wracked with guilt that is undeserved.

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About Last Night by Catherine Alliott

Pure Escapist Reading

About Last Night by Catherine Alliott is a contemporary romance and a really fun, light hearted read.

The action alternates between Ludlow (very near to where I live) and London. Catherine Alliott’s descriptions were wonderful. I ‘felt’ the clean, fresh country air which contrasted with the noise, smells and hustle and bustle of London. One ‘felt’ freeing, the other stifling. I much preferred the Ludlow location.

The book had many humorous moments that kept me chortling. It was easy to empathise with many of the situations creating the humour, as the book was written in the first person. Grown up children, horrified at some of their mother’s antics, had me in stitches!

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