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Escape To The Swiss Chalet by Carrie Walker

Absolutely Charming

Escape To The Swiss Chalet by Carrie Walker is an absolutely charming debut novel that warmed my heart and left me smiling.

Much of the novel is set in the Swiss Alps. The warmth of the characters is inversely proportional to the coldness of the landscape, as we join the characters in the winter season.

The reader’s taste buds are tempted by the delights coming out of the kitchen. We follow the chef and the sous chef/sommelier as they serve delicacies from the chalet’s restaurant.

New friendships form after old one’s crumble. Grey Britain in August contrasts sharply with the white snow of the Alps in winter.

All the characters are delightfully drawn, likable and realistic. Their interactions are a joy to behold. Their dialogue bounces along and the asides are witty. A character is full of life, even when life gets her down. “You find joy in every moment.”

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