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Never Change by Anne Carol

Taking Our Messes

Never Change by Anne Carol is a Christian YA and the third book in the Faithfully Yours series. This is a fabulous series that deals with real life issues – things that people struggle with. Set in 1984, the issues are still the same today.

Never Change deals with pregnancy and living with a newborn that presents its own challenges with sleep deprivation and hormones, as well as huge life adjustments.

There are also the themes of trust, addiction and rehab. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies and we cannot trust ourselves as we travel down the road marked self destruct. “The drugs and the alcohol have stolen his soul.”

We need to recognise the triggers when sin comes knocking, and firmly close that door.

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Never Fall by Anne Carol

A Gritty Read

Never Fall by Anne Carol is a Christian YA novel set in the early 1980’s and continues the story from book one in the Faithfully Yours series.

Marriage means life adjustments. It’s not all a bed of roses. The wedding may be a fairytale but then real life follows. Anne Carol has written a gritty Christian novel dealing with hard hitting topics such as miscarriage, alcohol and drug abuse, suicide and violence against women. The reader enters the sometimes seedy world of the pop group and the groupie. Pressure to succeed means that sometimes characters make poor choices.

The novel shows the tension between wanting to be a good wife and being a normal teen hanging out with friends and having girls night’s out. Sometimes the choices made are not always wise.

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Never Let Go by Anne Carol

A Sweet Romance

Never Let Go by Anne Carol is the first book in the Faithfully Yours series, a Christian YA surrounding the topic of first love.

Set in 1979 the leading lady is just a couple of years older than I would have been then. I recognised her patterns of behaviour and emotions from anxiety to euphoria.

The novel explores the theme of trust. It is hard to trust at times when jealousy threatens to take over.

There is a discussion about remaining pure until the marriage bed. Temptation and teenage hormones are a powerful combination, requiring strength of character.

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