Never Change by Anne Carol

Taking Our Messes

Never Change by Anne Carol is a Christian YA and the third book in the Faithfully Yours series. This is a fabulous series that deals with real life issues – things that people struggle with. Set in 1984, the issues are still the same today.

Never Change deals with pregnancy and living with a newborn that presents its own challenges with sleep deprivation and hormones, as well as huge life adjustments.

There are also the themes of trust, addiction and rehab. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies and we cannot trust ourselves as we travel down the road marked self destruct. “The drugs and the alcohol have stolen his soul.”

We need to recognise the triggers when sin comes knocking, and firmly close that door.

God is the God of restoration. He can turn our lives around if we let Him. We need to keep our eyes fixed on Him and “replace worry with prayer.” We need to be familiar with His word and stand on it in times of hardship and trouble.

There is the theme of new life. We can all have a new life in Jesus. There is also physical new life.

Faithfully Yours is a fabulous series, grounded in both reality and God. Roll on the fourth and final book.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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