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Spring Breeze by Angela Barton

The Greatest Gift

Spring Breeze by Angela Barton is a marvelous and powerful historical novel. It is heartbreaking too.

The novel is set in Paris during the Nazi occupation of World War II. We see the horrendous acts of cruelty towards the Jewish people including the massive round-up in 1942 into the Velodrome. Conditions were horrendous. Angela Barton has conveyed the horrors with her words.

There were extraordinary acts of bravery by ordinary people – pockets of courage and resistance. We witness the tenacity of very brave folks to help those who could not help themselves. Help and resistance came from some surprising sources. War brings out the very best and the very worst in men.

Not all Germans were Nazis – but put on a uniform and that is all people see. “This soldier didn’t look like a monster.” Look beyond the uniform to the man inside it.

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