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All My Tomorrows by Various

A Marvellous Collection

All My Tomorrows is a delightful collection of three historical Christian novellas. All have strong, likable, forward thinking women with huge hearts for others. Similar themes run throughout. The stories are all marvellous and it is impossible to choose a favourite.

Worth The Wait by Karen Witemeyer is a delightful story with themes of trust, faithfulness, new beginnings and family. God can redeem our past and our pain. “The past would not control her.” God will set us free. With some good wholesome characters and amusing banter, the reader is entertained. Scars from the past need just as much healing as physical ones. A wonderful read.

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An Awakened Heart by Jody Hedlund

Step Out In Faith

An Awakened Heart by Jody Hedlund is the most delightful Christian historical novella. It is the prequel to the Orphan Train series.

The story is set in 1857 and concerns the plight of the poor in New York City. Packed into overcrowded tenements, the poor did what they had to to feed their families. “Immigrant women should have more choices than prostitution or death.” Their ‘choices’ were forced on them by circumstances.

Churches seemed more concerned with “feeding their souls while allowing their bodies to languish.” However God had other plans.

God’s plans are so much greater than ours. He opens hearts and minds, bringing people together who can orchestrate His vision. When He places a dream in your heart, it cannot fail no matter what men say.

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