All My Tomorrows by Various

A Marvellous Collection

All My Tomorrows is a delightful collection of three historical Christian novellas. All have strong, likable, forward thinking women with huge hearts for others. Similar themes run throughout. The stories are all marvellous and it is impossible to choose a favourite.

Worth The Wait by Karen Witemeyer is a delightful story with themes of trust, faithfulness, new beginnings and family. God can redeem our past and our pain. “The past would not control her.” God will set us free. With some good wholesome characters and amusing banter, the reader is entertained. Scars from the past need just as much healing as physical ones. A wonderful read.

An Awakened Heart by Jody Hedlund shows the mighty hand of God at work as we take care of the widows and orphans. It asks the questions, how big is your God? Do we limit God’s power by dreaming too small? Faith and good works go hand in hand. It is the dawn of philanthropy that works perfectly in partnership with God. A delightful read with wonderful characters.

Toward The Sunrise by Elizabeth Camden is yet another wonderful tale with a very forward thinking heroine who pioneers her way for women in medicine. A heart for the weak and vulnerable – both animals and humans to the delight of the reader. Very much a modern woman with a huge heart and empathy for those who are hurting. The story encourages us to follow our dreams. Positively wonderful.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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