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The Day She Came Back by Amanda Prowse

The Same Moon

The Day She Came Back by Amanda Prowse is a bittersweet contemporary novel about love and hard choices. It is beautifully written and will lodge in your heart and soul.

Love is the most powerful force. A maternal love will do whatever is required to keep children or grandchildren safe. When love is our motivation sometimes seemingly impossible choices are made.

The reader witnesses the beautiful bond between a grandmother and her granddaughter. Their love radiates from the pages of the novel.

Loss hurts. When death comes stealthily with no time to say goodbye, guilt remains. It is guilt for what we did or didn’t do. Guilt will eat us up. We need to let go of guilt and focus on our memories.

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The Art Of Hiding by Amanda Prowse


The Art Of Hiding by Amanda Prowse – wow it’s a book that will blow your socks off! It will cause you to re-evaluate your life. It is a powerful contemporary read about grief and the resilience of the human spirit. I just could not put it down.

Lead character Nina was realistically drawn. Her emotions, following her loss, were spot on – grief brings tears, anger, a crushed spirit and shows you what you are really made of. I empathised with her character, recognising the conflict of tears versus anger. Her interactions with other characters were a joy to behold. She was the perfect mix of shy and vulnerable, and tough and gutsy. I loved her.

Grief hurts. It crushes spirits. Every day is a struggle. “Carrying on was what was required for all those who got left behind.” Grief brings our true spirit to the surface – do we crumble or survive?

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The Food Of Love by Amanda Prowse

The Journey Of Love And Heartache

The Food Of Love by Amanda Prowse is a contemporary story of love. The love of a family. It is an absolutely heartbreaking read that I could not put down. Tears will flow as you journey through the novel.

The book tells of the struggle of a family to survive one of the worst journeys ever. Despite their love for each other, there are harsh words, recriminations and guilt. As the family tries to survive, the reader ‘feels’ a mother’s anguish, a father left out in the cold, a daughter who feels neglected and a daughter who is lost. I was completely torn apart with the story. My emotions swung wildly as I empathised with each character in turn.

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