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A Fatal Truth by Faith Martin

Nostalgic Crime Busting

A Fatal Truth by Faith Martin is a marvellous historical murder mystery. It is the fifth book in the Ryder And Loveday Mystery series which I am loving.

This series has a wonderful retro feel to it, combined with a cosy murder mystery. It would make a perfect prime time television series. This book is set in 1961. It feels very much like Inspector Morse meets Endeavour meets Inspector George Gently. I can easily picture Martin Shaw as the erasable Dr Ryder.

Once more the reader is treated to the crime busting duo of aging coroner Dr Ryder and young WPC Loveday who is a breath of fresh air. Together they aim to solve crimes and keep the streets of Oxford safe.

Faith Martin has created well thought out storylines that have the reader intrigued and guessing. I am familiar with the Oxford streets and landscapes (having visited and also watched all episodes of Morse, Endeavour and Lewis), so it was easy to picture the action.

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