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A Cosy Christmas With The Village Vet by Eliza J Scott


A Cosy Christmas With The Village Vet By Eliza J Scott is a wonderful heart-warming contemporary novel that will swell your heart with love and kindness.

At the heart of the novel is community. It is a community that cares for all its members and looks out for each other. No one is ever left out in the cold. There are always spaces to be found around someone’s table.

The leading characters exude love and kindness. Their easy banter is a pure delight. Add in a couple of dogs and you have the perfect recipe for a delightful tale. The canine characters are as much a part of the story as the humans. We see the unbreakable bonds and the loyalty of man’s best friend.

Loss is keenly felt at Christmas when there are empty places around tables.

There are also characters suffering a different sort of loss – that of broken relationships. We witness the power of words to wound. “Words… the hurt they still had the power to resurrect.” The tongue can be more vicious than any double-edged sword.

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