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A Blend Of Magic by Kate Kenzie

An Enchanting Escape

A Blend Of Magic by Kate Kenzie is the most delightful contemporary tale that will warm your heart.

It is an enchanting tale, a fairytale for adults as we meet some charming characters with magical powers – think Sabrina The Teenage Witch but for adults. It also reminded me of the movies in the series of The Good Witch.

The leading lady has a kind heart. She uses her powers for protection after being hurt in the past. We witness the damage the past can do if we live with one foot there. She also looks after others and has a spirit of generosity.

We see that the special powers are passed down the generations. The older members need to teach and guide the younger ones. The leading lady has beautiful memories of her grandmother who taught her the art of making personalised tea in a teapot.

The old buildings are more than just bricks and mortar as we meet the Marleys and a large black cat.

Animals are important. We meet a Maine Coon called Vincent and a friendly ferret.

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