The Girl Who Wanted To Belong by Angela Hart

Heart Breaking

The Girl Who Wanted To Belong by Angela Hart is a true story of Lucy, a foster girl searching for the  love of her family and seeking to find her place. It will break your heart.

Eight year olds should not have to fight for love. The reader sees the conflict between Lucy’s father and his partner. He seems to be caught between a rock and a hard place. Every time the reader gets their hope up, it seems another brick is cemented in the wall. We ‘feel’ for Lucy.

The story is also about the foster parents, Angela and Jonathan who are seen to have infinite love, patience, respect and boundaries. Giving a healthy home for Lucy to be loved and nurtured. They diplomatically fight her corner.

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The Choice by Edith Eger

Victim Or Survivor?

The Choice by Edith Eger is the true story of a concentration camp survivor who uses her experiences to help others. It is a painful read but one that also gives hope. We cannot stop the bad things from happening but “I can choose how to respond to the past.”

Our outlook to our circumstances will determine whether we survive or perish. “No one can make you a victim but you.” In the camps Edith Eger chose to focus on the good times. Her mind took her to places her body could not go. “We can’t choose to vanish the dark, but we can choose to kindle the light.”

Edith Eger survived because she held on to the positive. Her mindset was to survive today because tomorrow she would be free. Edith Eger survived Auschwitz, death marches and more camps. She clung on to hope.

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The Kindness Method by Shahroo Izadi

Loving Yourself

The Kindness Method by Shahroo Izadi is a self help book designed to change lives by breaking habits and being kind to ourselves. It is “Giving yourself permission to be kind to you.” Often we are our worst critic. We need to “Conquer… the habit of negative self talk.”

This book gives personal testimony as well as suggesting we mind map various topics. As we progress along the way, we will need to review our mind maps to see how far we have come.

We all have negative habits that rule our lives and need breaking. This book sets out exercises designed to help us break the cycle of our bad habits, as well as questions for internal reflection.

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Rosie by Bill Whiting

Very Touching

Rosie by Bill Whiting is a most beautiful and touching account of life, loss and love.

Following the death of his wife, Bill Whiting felt lost and alone. Grief “hit me like a bursting dam.” The hole left by his wife consumed. He realised that little irritations over the years and “working for tomorrow’s happiness” meant nothing when your life partner is gone. “All the gold in the world could not buy her back.” Rosie is an account of very raw grief.

However hope reached out beyond the grave in the form of a small Schnauzer puppy called Rosie. “Utter helplessness meeting total hopelessness.” Bill Whiting’s wife knew that he would need a new purpose after she was gone.

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