What You Are Looking For Is In The Library by Michiko Aoyama

Serene, Calming, Beautiful

What You Are Looking For Is In The Library by Michiko Aoyama is a serenely beautiful Japanese fiction novel. This is a book that will sink into your heart and soothe your soul.

In the story we hear five stories focusing on five different people who are searching for meaningful lives – without realizing that every life is meaningful and every life is valuable. They all need “somebody who believed in me.”

The librarian does not just have a vast knowledge of books, she has a perception of people. She knows just what each individual is looking for. She presents each one with a small gift as well as pointing them in the direction of the books. Each gift is designed to help that person think about their life. “It’s as if she sees me, just as I am.”

Stories can change lives. “It’s amazing the power stories can have.” We need to not only read stories.We need to tell our stories too.

All five lives are changed by their encounter and gift from the librarian. They continue their daily lives but are looking from a new perspective. There is a world of possibilities out there.

I thoroughly enjoyed What You Are Looking For Is In The Library. It was a beautiful, calming read.


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