Aunt Violet’s Locket by Kristin Harper

A Lasting Legacy

Aunt Violet’s Locket by Kristin Harper is a most delightful contemporary novel. It is the sixth book in the Dune Island series but can be read as a stand-alone.

An unexpected inheritance sees the lead character travel to a remote island in order to claim an isolated property. It is everything she doesn’t want, but a summer spent preparing to sell sees more changes than in just the building.

Links to the past are unearthed as a character seeks out the truth behind the stories of her late ninety nine year old great aunt whom she never met. It has all been smoke and mirrors as there was so much more to her than the alleged wilting wallflower.

Secrets, stories and lies from World War II have been buried but are unearthed unexpectedly. This causes a dilemma – what to do with the knowledge?

Within the novel society has put an emphasis on women marrying young and not ending up on the shelf! Women are to be homemakers. Much is made of a showy engagement and wedding, without much thought to the actual marriage.

All the characters are delightfully drawn, realistic and likable. The leading lady was easy to relate to and I loved the dog called Blossom.

Aunt Violet’s Locket was a positively charming read about life, legacy and inheritance which is so much more than bricks and mortar. Our legacy is the character we leave behind and not just our possessions. Invest wisely in your life, as your reputation will remain.

I received a free copy from the publishers for a blog tour. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


Book Description:

The long, tarnished chain and heart-shaped pendant is heavy in Paige’s hand. Carefully prying it open she can just make out the tiny engraving inside. What she reads will change everything she ever believed about her great-aunt Violet, and their family history…

When newly single and heartbroken Paige inherits an isolated cottage facing out to the wild sea on Dune Island from her great-aunt Violet, she is shocked. Paige never even met Violet, and she’s heard family stories about how a terrible incident involving the wealthy neighboring Hathaway family during World War Two led Violet to withdraw from everyone. But why would Violet leave everything to her?

Determined to clear out the cottage and sell it as quickly as possible, when Paige bumps into Seth Hathaway as he walks back from the beach, at first she’s guarded. But Seth’s easy smile makes her think that maybe the Hathaways can be trusted after all…

Then Paige finds an old envelope containing her aunt’s only piece of jewelry. The romantic message inscribed inside brings tears to her eyes, and Seth shows her how the initials match those carved with a heart into an ancient beech tree on her aunt’s property. Did Violet live her whole life yearning for the person who gave her the locket?

As Paige and Seth grow closer, she starts to wonder if she could find happiness right here on Dune Island. And if Paige discovers the identity of Violet’s lost love, can she finally clear her aunt’s name—or in this tight-knit island community, should some secrets be left in the past forever?

Fans of Mary Ellen Taylor, Carolyn Brown and Barbara O’Neal will adore this absolutely stunning and addictive read about the sacrifices people make to be with the ones they love, and how bringing family secrets into the light can change everything.

Author Bio:

Ever since she was a young girl, there were few things Kristin liked more than creative writing and spending time on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with her family. Eventually (after a succession of jobs that bored her to tears), she found a way to combine those two passions by becoming a women’s fiction author whose stories occur in oceanside settings. While Kristin doesn’t live on the Cape year-round, she escapes to the beach whenever she can.

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