The Forgotten Bookshop In Paris by Daisy Wood

Powerful Dual Timeline

The Forgotten Bookshop In Paris by Daisy Wood is a fabulous dual timeline novel that I just could not put down.

The story is set in present day and during World War II in Paris. The time periods are linked as a granddaughter researches her late grandmother’s life during the war. She also desires to open up the bookshop that she sees in her grandmother’s painting.

The bookshop is a time capsule, hiding secrets amid the dust and the shelves. It needs to be awakened and lives remembered.

We see the bravery of some during World War II. While many sat idly by, a few brave souls risked their lives in order to save and hide others. There were pockets of mutual respect to be found in some German hearts, as characters bond over books. We see a character who lays down his life in order to save the innocents.

In present day, a character is reeling from finding out her love and trust has been betrayed. She needs to carve out a new life for herself and finds the quaint streets of Paris are the place to call home.

All the characters were delightfully drawn. Most were likable, and there were those with untrustworthy natures. Daisy Wood’s remarkable pen directed the reader’s emotional responses.

The author also vividly painted the landscape of Paris in present day with quaint streets, friendly locals and a coffee shop culture. This contrasted with war torn Paris whose same landscape was dark and fearful.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to The Forgotten Bookshop.


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