Tidings Of Comfort And Joy by Davis Bunn

Unlocked By Love

Tidings Of Comfort And Joy by Davis Bunn is the most delightful, heartwarming Christian Christmas novel that I just could not put down. If you only read one festive book this year – make sure it is this one!

I intend to re-visit this book again and again. I do not need to wait for December in order to read this book, its message is relevant all year round.

Within the novel we see love in action. Jesus calls us not to go to church but to be the church. Love needs to have arms, legs and hearts.

The novel is set over two time periods – present day and just after the end of World War II as a granddaughter and grandmother bond over events from both time periods.

After World War II there were many displaced persons. A small village in Oxfordshire has an old country house that is home to 300 orphans. Their care and survival is undertaken by the whole village. We see how fearful the orphans are in their silence. Hearts need to be unlocked by love.

There is the theme of loss. We understand a characters’ anger. “How dare he go off without me and leave me here by myself” (following the death of her husband). Anger, loss and fear are inextricably linked.

Loss teaches us. “Some lessons can only come to us in the guise of sadness.” When life deals us blows, we find “the temptations of bitterness, hatred and useless anger.” These need to be surrendered to God who can help us heal.

There are lessons to be learnt at all times. “God will teach us through the silent things.” Moments are never wasted with God.

I adored Tidings Of Comfort And Joy. This is one of the best books I have ever read. I did not want it to end.


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