Moondial by Helen Cresswell


Moondial by Helen Cresswell is a children’s classic that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is perfect for ages ten years and over.

Moondial is an enchanting tale as we follow a young girl, Minty. She is a very likable lead character with a heart of compassion for the hurting.

Staying in an old house, the veil between the present and times past, is thin. Friendship between like-minded individuals is called for in order to save the day.

We see the cruelty to, and of, children in times past. As we see the terrible time a character has because of a large birthmark on her face.

There is a beautiful mother-daughter bond which is tested by an accident. The daughter instinctively knows what is needed to awaken a life.

All the characters were well drawn and very likable, except the one who was sinister!

Moondial is a timeless classic. It has been enjoyed by children in the past, and it will continue to be enjoyed by children in years to come.


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