The Soldier’s Child by Tetjana Denford

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The Soldier’s Child by Tetyana Denford is a powerful and moving historical novel that I just could not put down.

The novel spans many years, beginning just after the end of World War I. We travel across continents from Ukraine to America as we follow the members of one family.

We witness the terrible heartaches as the Soviets inflict a reign of terror. Many innocents were killed or sent to gulags. The people of the Ukraine looked to the Nazis for a better life which shows just how badly the Soviets treated them. Incidentally, my uncle was born in 1922 in Ukraine and he said that his family preferred the Nazis to falling into Soviet hands.

Unmarried mothers were frowned upon. We witness a mother’s sacrifice and also her love that will never die. “Losing the ones we love are sometimes the sacrifices we make to keep them alive.” We do what we can for our children, practicing sacrificial love.

A poor upbringing means a character longs for home. “Home was a dream he’d had his whole life.” Home is not found in bricks and mortar but in people. “He [father] smelled of home.”

We see the courage needed to both stay in the Ukraine and also to move out.

This is a novel about love – a love that lasts a lifetime – the love of a mother.

All the characters were realistic and well drawn. We see that not even death can separate us from those we love.

I absolutely loved The Soldier’s Child. The twentieth century was a time of great change, terrible cruelty and love. Love keeps hope alive. I will leave you with my favourite quote:

“Hope was the light she felt right in the center of her.”

I received a free copy from the publishers via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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