Buttercups In The Basement by Jane Harvey

The Dawn Of A New Era

Buttercups In The Basement by Jane Harvey is the delightful second book in the Hummingbird House series which I am really enjoying.

The action alternates between present day and 1967 when the landlord moved in. I recommend reading the books in order so you can follow the action. Present day events are the same as in book one but seen from a different perspective. In 1967 the young lady has her whole future ahead of her. Fast forward to present day to the eighty two year old with a huge heart, love and compassion for others.

The swinging sixties was a time of great change but life was still restricted for some. The world was beginning to change but it is horrific to see that there were back street abortions, and also a character was severely beaten because he homosexual. Characters were not free to be who they were meant to be, placing pressure on them to conform to society’s views.

There is the theme of female camaraderie as a new friendship is birthed providing love and support.

I really enjoyed learning of the back story of the landlord. I cannot wait to read book three which has been nicely set up with the ending of book two.

Hummingbird House is a charming series with some huge, kind hearts who open up their lives to others.

I received a free copy from Rachel’s Random Resources. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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