The Journey: Big Panda And Tiny Dragon by James Norbury

Serenely Beautiful And Very Wise

The Journey Big Panda And Tiny Dragon by James Norton is a serenely beautiful book and full of wisdom to help us lead lives of contentment.

Big Panda is very wise. He helps to calm Tiny Dragon by imparting knowledge as the pair travel from their home across the river. Tiny Dragon wonders why Big Panda is so wise. Big Panda tells him that he has lived longer and experienced more.

We learn that our past does not have to be our future. “Where it’s been doesn’t have to determine where it’s going.” We learn from the past as we move forwards.

Life is a journey. Life is better in the company of friends. “Together we can do anything.” Together we are stronger.

Never underestimate the power you have to help and to love others. “You help me everyday… just by being yourself.” Our friendships can be what propels us forwards. We need to be just who we were created to be.

The whole book is beautifully but simply illustrated. The pictures enhance the words which are simple but powerful. Each page is full of wisdom that can sink into our souls.

I loved The Journey. I would like to leave you with my favourite quote:

“Fear will not stop you dying, but it may stop you from living.”


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