A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz

Angel Dog

A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz is the most beautiful heart-warming book about Dean and Gerda Koontz and their dog Trixie.

Trixie was an amazing golden retriever who was so much more than a dog. She was an angel in disguise, as more than one person noted.

Trixie was a remarkable dog who seemed to know and understand just what her humans were saying. She had an uncanny insight into the nature of people, knowing just who could be trusted and who couldn’t. She also seemed to be able to sense danger.

As I read through A Big Little Life, Trixie came ‘alive’ to me. Her personality bounded from the pages and into my heart. I ‘lived’ this book.

I laughed at Trixie’s antics. I marveled at her many traits and gifts. I loved the relationship between Trixie and Dean and Gerda Koontz. Their love radiated from the pages and into my heart. And I cried as I read the final chapters. I ‘felt’ a huge loss and could empathise with Dean and Gerda Koontz as I know the heartache when our fur babies pass over Rainbow Bridge without us.

Dean Koontz has written a beautiful book about Trixie. She lives in its pages and she lives in our hearts as we read. I loved the inclusion of photos of Trixie at the start of each chapter.

A Big Little Life is incredibly beautiful but you will need tissues.

I will leave the final words with Dean Koontz as he says of Trixie:

”She lived to love and to receive love, which is the condition of angels.”


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