Whispers Through Time by Joni Scott

A Brave New World

Whispers Through Time by Joni Scott is a fascinating dual timeline novel that grabs the reader’s attention from the start.

The novel is a fictional tale woven around the author’s grandmother’s early life. It began as research with Ancestry, just names and dates. The author wanted to fill in the bare bones of a life.

All the action is set between 1905-1912 and 2014-2016. The two time periods alternate as we see the research in relatively present day, and the story of a life in the past.

Britain in 1905 was teetering on the edge of a brave new world. The old Queen was dead and new inventions would soon catapult all into the modern world. Unfortunately, the world would soon tip into the war to end all wars (but didn’t).

The reader travels from London to Australia via ship, just weeks after the ill-fated Titanic. We see the bravery needed to step on board.

Life for women was constricted in Britain – not yet able to vote, Australia seemed years ahead.

Life was hard. Diseases that people recover easily from now, ended in death then. No family was without tragedy, and for some, tragedy kept on knocking.

I loved the references to the literary classics and popular songs of the time. It gave an air of familiarity to me.

I thoroughly enjoyed Whispers Through Time. It was a fascinating glimpse into a bygone age. I can highly recommend it.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


6 thoughts on “Whispers Through Time by Joni Scott

  1. Well thank you so much, Julia, for your kind review of my first time novel both here and on the AM site. I have learnt a bit more since this little tale and am now up to book 5. The sequel set in World War One will be released by AM on August 18th so it would be wonderful if you could read that one too and write another review. Hope this is not too pushy but it s hard to get quality reviews unless famous! Lol. Ps loved reading about you and your cats.

      • The release date is August 18. Do you have contact with Austen Macauley. They may give you a free copy to review. Would be great for both of us! Like your blog !

        • My contact at Austin Macauley moved jobs – and no one has been in touch with me to read and review since Luke left. X

          • Ok thanks for letting me know. I just talked to Marketing as they asked for someone to review, and hope you don t mind, I suggested you as thought you were somehow connected to AM. So see what happens, they may send you a copy. Otherwise if want one I can organise an e book or ask them to send you a paperback. I m in Australia.

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