Kitty Angel by Jane Daphne Knight

A Pure Delight

Kitty Angel by Jane Daphne Knight is a pure delight and perfect to read to young children or for more confident readers to read themselves. Whatever your age, Kitty Angel is a perfectly charming read.

We see that life has fractured a family, leaving Mum and two children out of sorts. Many changes have left everyone feeling anxious. The children really want a kitten, but a kitten is expensive and hard work.

Kitty Angel enters lives where she is needed, to spread calm, peace and love. Only the young and the young at heart can see her. Kitty Angel changes lives. She stays as long as she is needed and then moves on. This reminded me of the film The Bishops Wife with Cary Grant.

Kitty Angel is an enchanting read that will warm your heart on even the coldest day. It is perfectly charming.

David Knight has beautifully illustrated Kitty Angel. His drawings are simple but charming.

Kitty Angel is a story that you will never get tired of hearing. Buy a copy of Kitty Angel today. It will make you smile.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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