The Adventures Of Rose by Mary Bessenich

Absolutely Charming

The Adventures Of Rose by Mary Bessenich is an absolutely charming story for anyone aged eight years and over. I absolutely loved it.

The Adventures Of Rose is such a beautiful, heart-warming tale that will make your heart swell with love and also your eye shed a tear. The book is about Rose, a hand-crafted doll, and her life of thirty years and counting.

The reader sees the love that goes into making Rose and the loss felt when she is sold.

Rose is a special doll with a red velvet heart who leaves a trail of love wherever she goes.

The reader follows Rose over the years. We see her as a much-loved doll, a reject, a loyal companion and more. Lives are touched by this unique doll.

There is the theme of bullying. The reader’s heart breaks for a young victim, who wishes she could wash the hurt away of bullying as easily as she can wash the dirt off Rose. We see the love poured into Rose, the hurt and the pain.

The Adventures Of Rose is a beautiful book that will touch your heart. It may make you believe in miracles. And you will wonder – what happens next? This is a simply beautiful book for all who are young at heart.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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