The Primrose Railway Children by Jacqueline Wilson

To The Moon And Back

The Primrose Railway Children by Jacqueline Wilson is a wonderful modern re-telling of E. Nesbit’s The Railway Children. It is perfect for ages eight years and over and is sure to delight whatever your age.

I am a huge fan of the 1970 film but have never warmed to the original book. However The Primrose Railway Children captured my attention and my heart from the start. It follows similar but slightly different storylines to the original and is absolutely charming.

The action is told via ten year old Phoebe in the first person. She is realistic, likable and easy to empathise with. I ‘travelled’ through the novel in her shoes. She has a fourteen year old sister Becks and an eleven year old brother Perry, who has autism. We witness the ups and downs of sibling relationships. They basically love each other with the occasional spat.

We see the devastation and unsettling caused by their father disappearing from family life, and a withdrawal from all that is familiar.

The children’s mother takes on the role of both mother and father. We see the stress and strain on her.

New hobbies are found in visiting a steam railway and the discovery of old paintings.

The countryside is in complete contrast to London. Lives open up and expand in the fresh air.

I absolutely adored The Primrose Railway Children. I also loved the style of Jacqueline Wilson. I know that my daughter loved her books growing up, and my granddaughters now love her books – I am late to the party but I, in my late fifties, love her books and have already bought two more to read. I think I need a new bookcase devoted to Jacqueline Wilson!


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