Sweet Koala Kuku by K.S. D’arcy

A Beautiful Heirloom

Sweet Koala Kuku by K.S. D’arcy is an absolutely beautiful book that is just perfect for the under-fives. Although I think it is a beautiful book for any age.

The book is written in rhyme, giving a wonderful bounce-along tempo, enabling our children to easily pick up and join in with the words.

There are lessons to be learnt. We need to just be who we were created to be and not be envious of others. Our dreams are unique to us and if we do not lose sight of them, we can achieve our dreams.

There is repetition reinforcing the dream of Kuku showing that she is steadfast as she strives to wear her tutu.

All the book is beautifully illustrated by Zenja Gammer. Kuku is particularly appealing with her big eyes framed by long lashes. Each page has been carefully thought out, with so much detail. It is a pure joy to share it with our children.

Sweet Koala Kuku is a beautiful book and would look well on any book shelf. I think it is a book to be savored and to be passed down through the generations. Every child should have a copy. It is simply beautiful.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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