Zoo Buddies The Chimps Surprise Party by Joanne Morgan

Absolutely Beautiful

Zoo Buddies The Chimps Surprise Party by Joanne Morgan is the most delightful book for the under fives.

It is beautifully illustrated by Angelika Scudamore who has put so much detail into each page – including a small caterpillar called Clive who is hiding on every page. I just could not turn over until I had found him! All the zoo buddies are colourful with friendly faces drawing the reader in. Each page is there to be savoured.

The story is simple and easily understood – planning a surprise party means all the animals must work together to ensure success.

I absolutely loved the zoo buddies and am glad to see it is the first in a new series. Every nursery and home with young children should have a copy, not just because it is beautiful but because it could entertain for hours.

I think zoo buddies would easily translate into a cartoon or C.G.I., complete with merchandise. Imagine if your little one could take a cuddly zoo buddy to bed.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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