The Journals Of Clarence R Smyth by Bronwyn J Taylor

Fascinating And Comprehensive

The Journals Of Clarence R Smyth by Bronwyn J Taylor continues the story begun in The Diaries Of A Gifted Edwardian Boy, and covers the years from 1920 – 1960’s. It is a work of fiction but includes true life figures, with the result, that the reader wonders, could this be true? Certainly, the first book was based on the true-life book, The Boy Who Saw True which I read back in the 1990’s and which made an impact that has stayed with me.

World War II is covered in detail which appealed to the historian in me.

This is a cosmopolitan read as we travel from mainland Europe to America and to England. During the war mainland Europe was in turmoil with only Switzerland being neutral and a safe haven.

The story is told via Clarence Smyth’s writings, therefore we only have his interpretation of events. The older he gets, the more he realizes he has a choice to make – to believe in God or not?

Both books in the series have been fascinating and comprehensive reads which I have enjoyed.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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