Whispers In The Sand by Barbara Erskine

To Break Free

Whispers In The Sand by Barbara Erskine is an exciting dual timeline novel set in 1866 and present day, with echoes back to the dawn of time.

This is the third time I have read the book since its publication. Each time it has thrilled, excited and entertained me.

In both 1866 and present day strong-minded females from the same heritage, journey to Egypt and complete almost identical routes as they sail down the Nile, stopping off at various destinations. An original diary and an ancient artefact accompany Anna in present day as she sets out to replicate her ancestor Louisa’s trip.

Centuries old rivals and an ancient curse accompany both women as they attempt to break free from the past.

Whispers In The Sand is more than a little creepy but it is an excellent read and one that I shall continue to return to. It is a book that has never left me.


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