Meet Charlie by J.E. Solinski

Behold I Stand At The Door And Knock

Meet Charlie by J.E. Solinski is a perfectly charming Christian YA novel for ages ten years and over.

Whatever your age you will enjoy meeting Charlie and discovering what true friendship is and what it is not.

Charlie goes to church and memorises Bible verse. She is very good at this but fails in the application of putting Jesus’ words into action. She is judgmental and competitive, being realistically flawed. She is likable and easy to relate to. A week away at Bible camp opens her eyes to humility.

As Charlie’s preconceived ideas come crashing down, she learns that true friendship is based on internal character and not external appearances.

Never judge another until you have walked in their shoes. You do not know the burdens that they are carrying.

The reader learns that Jesus came to wash our sins away. He cleans us up from the inside out.

Meet Charlie is the perfect book to read to younger readers or let more confident readers read for themselves. As you journey through the book, you can discuss the friendship lessons together.

Meet Charlie is a delightful read reminding us what true friendship really is.

I received a copy of the book from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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