The Night Train To Berlin by Melanie Hudson

And All Shall Be Well

The Night Train To Berlin by Melanie Hudson is a beautiful dual time-line love story that will lodge deep in your heart.

The stories are set in 1944 and present day. There were parallels in the two time periods between the two couples who meet on a night train to Cornwall. The two females are linked by a friendship thread from 1944. The chapters alternate the action as present day is aiming to recreate the war period. It is romanticized. The reader hears about the true horrors of war as we follow a war artist from Britain to mainland Europe.

Running alongside the love story in 1944 is the tremendous bravery of all those involved in the war effort – whether civilians or servicemen. It was a time of great sacrifice and courage. There are some truly dreadful scenes to be witnessed.

Throughout it all the characters hang on to the hope that “all shall be well.”

The Night Train To Berlin is beautifully written. The love radiates from the pages as we realise that true love never dies.

I received a free copy of the book from the Facebook group OMC Blogger Community via Net Galley. All opinions are my own.


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