The School At The Top Of The Dale by Gervase Phinn


The School At The Top Of The Dale by Gervase Phinn is a wonderful contemporary tale that will enthral and enchant from the start. It is the first book in the Top Of The Dale series.

Once more Gervase Phinn has created a warm cast of characters who make up Dales life. The classroom is both within a building and outside in the wider community showing that it really is life-long learning.

The children are preoccupied with animals – being particularly knowledgeable about sheep!

Village life is made up of an eclectic mix who take up residence in the reader’s heart. There is a misunderstood lad who just broke my heart as he did not know how to process his loss. The leading young man is new to teaching and his enthusiasm is infectious.

The school is at the heart of village life. It is the place of employment for a few and the place of learning for all.

Gervase Phinn writes with a depth of understanding and a great deal of wit. Having worked in schools over the years, the situations and conversations resonated with me. I was literally laughing out loud at the nativity scene.

I adore all Gervase Phinn’s novels. They are good, wholesome stories that are easy to relate too.

Incidentally several years ago I was fortunate to watch Gervase Phinn on stage. What a brilliant night that was. Gervase Phinn is every bit as charming, knowledgeable and funny as his books. I can highly recommend going to see him live.


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