The Letter by Richard Paul Evans

Sacrificial Love

The Letter by Richard Paul Evans is a beautiful historical novel about love. It is the third book in the Christmas Box trilogy.

There are many types of love as seen within the novel. We see the love of one man for a race who were shunned and discriminated against in the first half of the twentieth century. The Negroes faced hatred and prejudice, those who treated them equally and as friends also faced this hatred.

We witness a beautiful friendship within the novel where skin colour does not matter, it is a heart connection.

There is the theme of separation of parents and children – some is enforced through death, others through choice. Some of these choices are selfish, others are sacrificial.

We see the effect of the loss of a child on a marriage as each parent drowns in grief. (No spoilers here as we learnt of this in book one)

The Letter is a beautifully written novel. The love wafts from the pages to surround the reader.

I have thoroughly enjoyed The Christmas Box Trilogy. All the books are beautifully written and have warmed my heart. I recommend reading them in the order they were written as each book expands on the ones that came before.


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