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Larkswood by Valerie Mendes

Spell Binding

Larkswood by Valerie Mendes is an epic tale that I just could not put down. Valerie Mendes drew me into the story from the start as I questioned who, what, where, when and how? As I read on, I tried to guess the answers – and failed as the jaw dropping reveal occurred.

The novel is set in 1896-7 and 1939 as England prepares for war. It is a world on the brink of change as women will need to step up into jobs vacated by men going to war. The old order is about to die but there is one more spring and summer first.

The action alternates between the two time periods. Larkswood, the house, is a keeper of secrets but little by little the truth will come out. It almost takes on a personality all of its own.

Victorian fathers ruled with an iron rod. Children who should have been cherished were cruelly treated or abandoned into the care of servants.

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