Seconds To Live by Susan Sleeman


Seconds To Live by Susan Sleeman is a fabulous contemporary Christian suspense that will grab the reader’s attention from the start. It is the first book in the Homeland Heroes series and I cannot wait for the rest.

The characters were well drawn, realistic and likable. They are not perfect but realistically flawed with character traits that are easy to empathise with.

Susan Sleeman has created a complex, well thought out plotline. Computer hacking combines with murder and intimidation. Multi agency law enforcements are needed. The reader is consumed from the first page.

There is the question of trust. The reader and characters must view some with suspicion but God can always be trusted. We need to “trust even when you don’t feel like it.” We cannot see the bigger picture but God can. He asks us to trust Him in the dark.

The author uses pathetic fallacy as the weather mirrors the mood at times.

Past experiences colour life today. Characters feel guilt over a life event. Guilt is misplaced. It is a burden that should never have been picked up. It needs to be released so that a life may be lived in the freedom for which God intended.

Sometimes events spiral out of control. We need to hand the driving seat of our life over to God. We do not need to know it all. We need to trust in the goodness of God. “God was in control. Not him. God.”

Prayer is important. It will help us build our relationship with God. Sometimes our prayers are as simple as ‘help’ but God always hears and always answers.

I was totally absorbed by Seconds To Live. It would make a fabulous television series… Netflix please take note. Susan Sleeman is a new author to me but I want to read much more by her.

I shall leave you with my favourite and very powerful quote:

“She lived out her faith… God was using her to draw people to Him.”

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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