When I Come Home Again by Jennifer Rodewald


When I Come Home Again by Jennifer Rodewald is a powerful contemporary Christian novel about love, loss and new beginnings.

When loss hits hard, we hurt, we become angry and we withdraw. For a short while, this is an acceptable response but when anger rules our lives, we are in trouble. Something must change. “I don’t want this anger anymore.” We need to own our anger, then leave it at the foot of the cross. If we do not, we will be forever bound by the chains of anger.

Regret often goes hand in hand with anger. Regrets can immobilise and imprison us. “Regrets are bondage… If you don’t deal with them… they own you.” Regret is a burden we were never meant to carry. Jesus died for our freedom, not so we could imprison ourselves with regrets. “Some people live with regret their whole lives, never realising they don’t have to.”

God gives us gifts. He delights in us as we use these gifts. “The joy of the Creator as they exercised the gifts He’s built into them.”

The Word of God is powerful. It is a guide for our lives. We would be wise to use it. “The Word of God in front of him, prayerfully seeking wisdom.” Prayer is a conversation with God. We need to listen as well as speak.

At the heart of the novel is a young boy with Downs. He is loyal with a sunny personality who loves unconditionally and who is loved by all. In contrast there are fatherless boys who need loving. They present a hard exterior that needs cracking to let the love in. Retreating from love is a defence mechanism that merely succeeds in imprisoning us.

Jennifer Rodewald has created a very powerful story around realistic characters. She shows our need to live lives that connect with others and with God. The emotions that characters feel are easy to empathise with. The action resonates with the reader as we all have times when in our anger we can disconnect with the world. And we are all in desperate need of a Saviour.

This was such a powerful book with life lessons for us all.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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