The Boy Who Made The World Disappear by Ben Miller

Imaginative And Gripping

The Boy Who Made The World Disappear by Ben Miller is an exciting contemporary children’s tale, just perfect for ages eight to adult.

The tale has its grounding in science but don’t be put off. It’s nothing technical, being easy to understand and interesting too.

At first glance it may seem as if the book is aimed at boys as a boy is the main character but its appeal is to both sexes.

Ben Miller has created a unique plotline with likable characters. It is fast paced with the action gaining momentum at the end. There is a moral attached too.

I really enjoy Ben Miller as an author (I loved him in Armstrong and Miller too, having seen them live in Birmingham many years ago). He captures your imagination and weaves a marvellous tale. I am hoping for many more books from him.


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