Sleigh Rides And Silver Bells At The Christmas Fair by Heidi Swain

Love In Action

Sleigh Rides And Silver Bells At The Christmas Fair by Heidi Swain is a delightful festive offering as we make a return visit to Wynbridge. This can be read as a stand-alone but I enjoyed catching up with familiar faces.

A wonderful warm atmosphere pervades the whole novel and the reader feels included in the welcome. The lost, the lonely and the hurting find a place to call home as huge hearts open their lives and their hearts to heal the vulnerable.

Christmas is a magical time of year but it can also be a time where painful memories are magnified. Shutting one’s heart away can make for a lonely life. We need to open our hearts and let the embers of friendship burst into life.

Families reunite for the festive season. This can produce some interesting dynamics.

The village community pulls together as a disaster threatens to derail Christmas.

The richest people are not those with the most money but those with the biggest hearts as the reader witnesses love in action.

I adore all Heidi Swain’s novels. They are wonderfully warm and welcoming, and always leave me smiling. Do not wait another year to read this book, it’s a great read for any time of year.

Heidi Swain’s books are not just for Christmas but perfect all year round.


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