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The Winter Garden by Heidi Swain

Warm And Welcoming

The Winter Garden by Heidi Swain is the most charming contemporary novel set during the autumn in the run up to Christmas. It is the third book in the Nightingale Square series but can be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed catching up with familiar faces.

Once more the characters are warm and welcoming. Strangers quickly become friends as arms reach out to include new faces into the fold.

Everything is community based. People work together for the good of all. Much love and encouragement is offered as people’s dreams soar. Neighbours are so much more, they become family.

There are relationships budding but there is an underlying tension as the past is misunderstood. Families that are fractured and need work to repair the cracks.

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Sleigh Rides And Silver Bells At The Christmas Fair by Heidi Swain

Love In Action

Sleigh Rides And Silver Bells At The Christmas Fair by Heidi Swain is a delightful festive offering as we make a return visit to Wynbridge. This can be read as a stand-alone but I enjoyed catching up with familiar faces.

A wonderful warm atmosphere pervades the whole novel and the reader feels included in the welcome. The lost, the lonely and the hurting find a place to call home as huge hearts open their lives and their hearts to heal the vulnerable.

Christmas is a magical time of year but it can also be a time where painful memories are magnified. Shutting one’s heart away can make for a lonely life. We need to open our hearts and let the embers of friendship burst into life.

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Mince Pies And Mistletoe At The Christmas Market by Heidi Swain

The Joy Of December

Mince Pies And Mistletoe At The Christmas Market by Heidi Swain is the perfect contemporary book to get you into the festive spirit. Christmas markets, Christmas tree auctions, festive fayre and frosts all add to the atmosphere as the reader sinks into the book.

This is my third trip to Wynbridge where a warm welcome is always guaranteed. As I open the book, it feels like I am coming home to Wynbridge along with the main character. New faces mingle with old as the reader is cocooned within the fold.

Community life is all encompassing as people come together to save their market. The good of the whole, memories and traditions must be fought for as the small traders take on the big corporations.

There is the Romeo and Juliet effect simmering in the background as two families have an age old feud to settle.

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The Cherry Tree Cafe by Heidi Swain

No Place Like Home

The Cherry Tree Café by Heidi Swain is the most delightful contemporary heart-warming novel that will give you a great big welcome to the village of Wynbridge. Here, life is all about community – where there is a need, it is met. It is not a place for a private life! “My private life was going to be very public.”

The novel is about restoration, new beginnings and following your dreams. It is about finding out your niche and living life to the full. A fulfilled life does not necessarily mean a fast paced life in the city. A fulfilled life is one where you feel comfortable and loved.

Lies can destroy. “It simply isn’t possible to live a lie for long.” Lies wreck lives. Sooner or later, the truth must come out.

At the heart of the novel is baking and crafts. Both add warmth and show how we can use our gifts.

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