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The Women At Hitler’s Table by Rosella Postorino

Informative And Educating

The Women At Hitler’s Table by Rosella Postorino is a comprehensive and compelling historical novel that will educate whilst telling a tale. Here, fact meets fiction as the reader learns about a group of women who taste tested food cooked for Hitler to make sure it was not poisoned.

The reader sees the war from the Wolf’s Lair from 1943 onwards. The action is viewed from a German point of view but not a Nazi. Not all Germans were Nazis.

Life was precarious, one false move, one careless word and you could be dead. The taste testers banded together through necessity. They tried to support each other so they all lived to see another day.

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The Perfect Widow by A.M. Castle


The Perfect Widow by A.M. Castle is a marvellous contemporary psychological suspense that will draw you in from the start.

A.M. Castle has created a compelling plotline, intricate and clever with its twists and turns. Her characters are well drawn, not always likable but realistic. She manipulated my emotional responses well.

The novel is about obsessions – once something takes a hold, everything else pales into insignificance. We see a coppers nose that is suspicious – but is her nose correct?

People have secrets and pasts they want hidden. To what lengths are they prepared to go?

There is neglect of a minor. “My childhood was about survival.” This neglect is a catalyst for self-improvement, creating a drive and passion. In contrast there are well loved children who are put first at all costs.

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Living My Best Life by Claire Frost

To Friendship

Living My Best Life by Claire Frost is a fun contemporary chick lit novel that will resonate with the reader. It is easy to empathise with the two lead characters who are similar but different – both are single having been in relationships that did not work out. One is the mother of a perfectly delightful five year old who will just lodge in your affections.

The novel deals with appearances and reality. We live in a digital age where our photos are instant and possibly filtered. Our digital footprints may look very different from our day to day reality.

Community is important. A small community bands together to take on a local council threatening to close their community centre. This gives the people a common focus, purpose and goal as new friendships emerge.

We are never too old to take up new hobbies. We may discover talents we did not realise we had.

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Redeeming Advent by Lucy Rycroft

Pure Gold

Redeeming Advent by Lucy Rycroft is the perfect book to accompany you his December as we look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus.

The book is split into four sections, each with six chapters. At the end of each chapter are questions to ponder and a prayer. All are designed to draw us closer to, and keep focused on Jesus. “Don’t lose Jesus in the haze of Christmas consumerism.”

Lucy Rycroft writes in a very personable way. It feels more like advice from a dear friend. She uses personal anecdotes and we get a glimpse into her life.

One reading that really impacted me was about our visible faith. Can my faith be seen physically and in my conversations and actions? Wow! We are not called to ram our faith down anyone’s throat but we are called to show the love of Jesus in action – ‘what you did for the least, you did for Me.’ If we were on trial for our faith, is there enough evidence to convict us?

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