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Redeeming Advent by Lucy Rycroft

Pure Gold

Redeeming Advent by Lucy Rycroft is the perfect book to accompany you his December as we look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus.

The book is split into four sections, each with six chapters. At the end of each chapter are questions to ponder and a prayer. All are designed to draw us closer to, and keep focused on Jesus. “Don’t lose Jesus in the haze of Christmas consumerism.”

Lucy Rycroft writes in a very personable way. It feels more like advice from a dear friend. She uses personal anecdotes and we get a glimpse into her life.

One reading that really impacted me was about our visible faith. Can my faith be seen physically and in my conversations and actions? Wow! We are not called to ram our faith down anyone’s throat but we are called to show the love of Jesus in action – ‘what you did for the least, you did for Me.’ If we were on trial for our faith, is there enough evidence to convict us?

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