Dead Memories by Angela Marsons

Pandora’s Box

Dead Memories by Angela Marsons is a marvellous, well thought out contemporary crime novel. It is the tenth book in the D.I. Kim Stone series but can be read as a stand-alone.

This was my first book by Angela Marsons and I was gripped – partly due to the action all being set in the Black Country which is where my roots are. I loved knowing and being able to picture the locations – especially the old Cradley Heathens Dudley Wood stadium where I used to watch speedway with my Dad and brothers on the back straight when our team Coventry were there. The familiar locations really helped the novel come alive for me.

The plot was complex and intricate – maybe if I had read the series from the start I would have been better clued up as previous cases and situations were mentioned. It all hung together well as I followed the clues but failed (again) to predict the outcome.

I thought the characters were well rounded and believable, as well as likable. The driven nature of Kim Stone was clear for all to see. She was loyal and hard-working, leaving no stone unturned in her pursuit of criminals.

The novel focused on revenge and copycat crimes designed to unleash memories but “The memories had to stay in their boxes” or life would crush a spirit. Living life in the public eye meant private lives were public property.

As with all crime novels there was the question of trust. Sometimes those who can be trusted to fight our corner are found in the most surprising places.

I loved Angela Marsons style of writing. I am certainly planning to read more by her. I loved the Black Country locations and will enjoy travelling through more of them.


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