The Pearl Sister by Lucinda Riley

Kantrimen (Family)

The Pearl Sister by Lucinda Riley is a marvellous epic historical and contemporary tale. In this book the reader follows Ce-Ce’s search for her roots. This takes the reader to the hot, dry climate of the Australian outback both in the modern era and a hundred years earlier. We ‘experience’ the unrelenting sun and the vast open spaces.

The reader learns about the Aborigines and some of their traditions. They are fiercely loyal and dedicated to their friends. The native Australians suffer racial prejudice. Children of mixed race are rejected by white Australians.

The novel examines the plight of orphans. There are some huge, kind hearts who open their homes to those in need.

Greed corrupts. “She knew the real God in this town – and his name was Money.” When money becomes our god, life will spiral downwards as we will never be content and will always be striving for more stuff. Ancient curses still hold sway as they wield their power.

Lucinda Riley uses pathetic fallacy to mirror moods. “The clouds hung black and foreboding.”

Our legacy is important. We want to know our heritance. The reader sees family traits coming down the generations.

There is the topic of dyslexia. A character lacks confidence but is encouraged to bloom.

I am loving this Seven Sisters series. Lucinda Riley weaves marvellous tales as the reader follows two simultaneous tales that eventually blend together. Lucinda Riley is the master at producing epic novels that entertain and inform.


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